If you stand in the light you don’t have to worry about other people’s shade

I am a person who appreciates honesty more than anything, and I believe that one can always deliver that honesty in a respectful way.  I also believe that honesty is more than just being willing to speak words that are true, it is also recognizing that hidden truths are unspoken lies. If a person speaks words that are factually true but they don’t give the honest picture and they don’t convey a fully truthful message, then they are not being honest.

My kids grew up knowing that they could do all kinds of dumb stuff and still be forgiven by their mom as long as they were always honest about it. My employees knew they could do all kinds of dumb stuff and still be forgiven by their boss as long as they were honest about it. That’s because when someone is honest you can respect that, and when you can respect someone you are willing to work with them to improve things.

The irony of dishonesty is this – not telling someone the truth because you don’t want to upset them is probably the very best way to actually upset them!  So don’t do it! It’s not worth the cost of losing their respect and even more than that it’s not worth losing their trust. Because:

“Trust takes years to build, only seconds to destroy, and forever to earn back.”

Throughout my business life I have seen the value of honesty again and again. I have never regretted being honest with others so long as I delivered that honesty in a respectful way. I have also never been upset with someone for being honest with me so long as they delivered that honesty in a respectful way. There is always a right way to be honest.

Life is too short to tell lies, or half-truths, or to try and remember all the different versions you have told different people to try and mislead them with only partial versions of the truth. And anything someone thinks they are gaining by being dishonest will never be worth the all that they will lose by tarnishing their good name.

Live your life honestly in every respect – Because if you always stand in the light you won’t ever have to worry about anyone else’s shade.

Have an awesome day everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson


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