The TIGGER syndrome

People with passion are infectious! When someone is passionate and excited about something they can light up an entire room and they have the ability to suck everyone else into feeling passionate and excited with them!

Yes, genuine passion and excitement are very powerful and influential tools in life…let’s face it…there is nothing more infectious then someone who is truly passionate and excited…

I call it the TIGGER syndrome.

You cannot watch Tigger (from Winnie the Pooh) without feeling his energy and excitement and inevitably it lifts you up and sucks you into feeling his energy too.

When I meet with entrepreneurs I can always sense those who were truly passionate about their businesses and their ideas, and the ones who have that excitement are definitely the ones who stand out from the crowd and get noticed. And every investor wants to feel an entrepreneur’s passion for their idea because it sends the message that this person is going to work their guts out to make things happen!

A few other tips on what makes a successful entrepreneur that I was thinking about today are:

Great entrepreneurs are the ones who are teachable, and willing to take feedback and input.  When an entrepreneur won’t take feedback it is a huge warning sign to any investor because all investors know that there will be times they need to guide the entrepreneur and if they can’t trust that entrepreneur to take advice then they won’t want to put their money into that deal.

The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who understand the importance of being yourself, being genuine, and opening up.  It’s okay to be nervous, but don’t ever try to be someone or something you’re not.  Just be 100% yourself at all times.  When someone is real and genuine other people will feel it and it allows them to get past your walls and truly connect with you.

Passionate, energetic, teachable, humble, genuine and open.  Those are all key characteristics that can help anyone to be more successful in life. And it never hurts to be fun fun fun fun fun 🙂

Be excited and be passionate today and every day!  BE A TIGGER!

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Robert says:

    I like this one too. My blog is about this very thing. Would love for you to be a guest blogger if you were interested. 🙂

    Thank you

  • Tigger says:

    Actually, the Tigger syndrome is what afflicts people who think they’re the only ones who do something, feel something, experience something, or suffered through something, and are proud of being the only ones (at least in their own minds). After all, “the most wonderful thing about Tigger is that I’m the only one.”

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