In The Famous Words From Disney’s Frozen “Let it Go”

There are just three short days until we celebrate Christmas! This weekend was fantastic. Our kids came home from college and we went to an awesome Christmas concert by pianist Kurt Bestor. During the concert he brought out a children’s choir and one little girl sang the famous song “Let it Go” from the Disney movie Frozen.  As I listened to her sing it so incredibly I couldn’t help but think what a perfect Christmas message she was sharing with those three simple words “Let it go”.

All of us have been through being hurt in life. All of us have had someone offend us or hurt our feelings. And all of us can find reasons to be angry or bitter toward someone else. And I am quite certain that all of us are justified for being hurt.  By the same token I am sure that each of us have done things to hurt someone else, perhaps intentionally or perhaps unintentionally, but none of us are perfect so chances are we have been at fault at least once or twice…

As we enter these final days leading up to Christmas, what better gift to give ourselves and others than to simply Let It Go?  Let go of the anger and hurt and bitterness. Let go of needing to have been right. Let go of feeling sad or isolated. Let go of feeling justified for your feelings. Just let it all go.

Letting it go doesn’t have to be difficult. It is just a decision to do it. And letting it go only has to happen in your own heart and mind, it doesn’t have to be a big production by any means. It is just a decision to truly forgive and let go.

Now in saying to let it go I am not suggesting that every situation warrants welcoming someone back into your life who has damaged it. Heaven knows there are some situations where you should forgive but keep someone out of your life, especially if there has been past abuse or mistreatment. Only you will know if someone should be allowed back in to your life or not, so trust your own heart.

For those situations that didn’t involve abuse, which is hopefully the majority of the situations, it might very well make sense to invite someone back into your life. I think this especially applies to siblings or parents or friends where both of you have allowed little things to become big stumbling blocks between you. When I think back on these situations I am usually amazed at how we can let a lot of small things grow so out of control and they end up having so much hurt attached. People get their feelings hurt and then they pull away from each other and then time sets in and after a while it becomes easier to stay away than to try and fix things, or so it seems. But think of the positive things that could be if you let it go, think of the good memories that can still be created and think of the friendships and relationships that could exist if everyone would just agree to Let it Go, and start loving each other again.

I personally come from a family of 10 kids and anytime you have 10 kids with very different personalities and then each of them get married to people from other families with a whole other set of personalities, you are bound to have differences and difficulties between people now and then. But I constantly try to remind myself that God placed me into the family he did because he wanted me to have the siblings I do. He wanted us to learn from each other and grow together and support each other.  That alone warrants letting a whole lot of things go.

We have to remember that when we leave this life someday one of the few things we get to take with us is our relationships with others.  By holding on to negative feelings we are forcing our relationships to stay in the past, whereas, by letting go of our negative feelings we allow them to have a future.  What better time then Christmas week to let things go and love each other?

Here’s to a bright future of loving relationships ahead.


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