It’s a Miracle!

I can hardly believe the day has actually come….we get to move in to our new house this weekend!  YIPEE!!  After an insane amount of hard work, stress, craziness, disappointment, frustration and every other emotion you can imagine, we have finally come to the point after a very long year and a half that our new home just passed our inspection and we are getting the clearance to move in!  There are still a bunch of little things that have to get fixed and touched up and finalized, but we are in the home stretch and we can actually see the faint little light at the end of the table.  IT’S A MIRACLE!

It’s amazing to start with this picture in your end of your ultimate dream home…then you think through every little detail and every little option you want and you start to build this mental image of the home in your mind.  I then took that picture in my head and started cutting out photos and capturing images over years and years and saving them into binders and electronic folders so that I could visualize exactly how my finished home would look.  Then when we started the actual project I took all those images and put them into a huge powerpoint presentation that walked room through room of what I wanted my finished product to look like.  I swear I had walked through this new home in my mind a million times or more over the years, and tonight I got to walk through the actual finished product – and I have to say, the finished product turned out every bit as beautiful as that image in my mind all those years.  It is truly a spectacular home and I feel so blessed to have been able to take that dream and make it into a reality for my family and I can’t wait to share it with all our friends and loved ones.

Looking back I can honestly say that building this home was one of the hardest projects I have ever taken on.  It has been brutal and exhausting in ways I never expected.  But I am proud that we stuck with it and didn’t lose our minds in the process.  We probably came close, but in the end we held it together and tonight we sat at our new kitchen table and had a celebration dinner together.  It was a really incredible experience.   Tonight we celebrated, but tomorrow we wake up and start hauling the rest of our boxes and unpacking our bedrooms and making this house a true home by putting family pictures on walls and bouquets of flowers on tables.  There is still much work ahead of us…lots to unpack…lots to put away…a yard to finish up… but fingers crossed we will be able to get it all done in time for my son Dalton to return to us from his mission.  Only 5 more weeks until he comes home and I cannot wait to see my son again and welcome him into our new home.

I will take photos of the new home and post them for everyone as soon as we get all moved in.  I can’t wait to share it with you.

Thanks for letting me share our exciting news with all of you.  Thanks for all of you who posted ideas for our home when we started our construction – we were able to incorporate tons of them into the home and it made it so much better so thank you!  The message I would leave with all of you as you head into the weekend is this – if you have a DREAM I say GO FOR IT and make it happen!  Start with an idea, then make it visual with a goal board or a powerpoint or a poster on the wall, just make it visual…then watch as MIRACLES start to happen….

Have a great weekend!



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