Maybe We Should Just BE GLAD?!

I sat down at my computer at 9:30am this morning and here it is, now 12:50am at night (technically the next morning) and I am still sitting at my computer in the exact same spot…not a joke, although I wish it was. Today has been one of those crazy hyper-focused days of trying to complete some time-sensitive presentations and financial reports but only getting through about half of what I needed to even though I literally didn’t stop working for a second over the last 15 hours…which led me to have a little frustrated “poor me” moment tonight where I was feeling down about the fact that no matter how hard I work I can never seem to get everything done that I need to.

Then, as I do at the end of every day, I opened a blank word document and stared at the computer screen wondering what I should write my blog about tonight. I typically figure that out by asking myself, “What did I learn today?” Which causes me to reflect on the good and bad from my day.  As I began doing that I immediately felt embarrassed that I allowed myself to have that little “poor me” pity-party moment because, for one, it did absolutely nothing to make me, or my day, any better; and because it was ridiculous to feel sorry for myself when what I should have been feeling was incredibly grateful for every blessing of life. So yeah…that is what I learned today….which made me think of a great poem that is the perfect reminder that we should just be GLAD!

Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face   (by Jack Prelutsky)

Be glad your nose is on your face,
not pasted on some other place,
for if it were where it is not,
you might dislike your nose a lot.

Imagine if your precious nose
were sandwiched in between your toes,
that clearly would not be a treat,
for you’d be forced to smell your feet.

Your nose would be a source of dread
were it attached atop your head,
it soon would drive you to despair,
forever tickled by your hair.

Within your ear, your nose would be
an absolute catastrophe,
for when you were obliged to sneeze,
your brain would rattle from the breeze.

Your nose, instead, through thick and thin,
remains between your eyes and chin,
not pasted on some other place–
be glad your nose is on your face!

Have a great day – and choose to JUST BE GLAD! 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Norm Wright says:

    The fact that you continue to blog even though you have put in such a monster day is truly amazing. Thanks for being Amy!

  • Joani says:

    Amy, I love your posts. The fact you took time to add all those tags after such a day is impressive. Keep them coming as they are often just what I need to hear.~joani

  • Heather Vogeley says:

    I had one of “those” moments last Sunday and I verbalized it to a friend. It ruined my mood for several hours until I was able to fully composed myself.

    Self pity is dangerous and completely useless. The sad thing is that, although I know this, I still fall into that trap occasionally.

  • Vikram says:

    Great post, and I love this poem I never read before! Thank you Amy!

  • Anikka says:

    Its like telling us to turn that frown around, and smile the world away! Thanks for posting this, it made me smile amongst all the things I’ve been through today.

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