One Year Older, But Hopefully Wiser Too!

Happy Birthday to me! Okay, let’s get real…at my age birthdays are no longer quite the same feeling of happy that they were when you were a kid trying to grow up too fast. The older we get the more they tend to turn into a reminder that your sexy is a little less sexier than it used to be, and the wrinkles are a little bit wrinklier than they were before, and your ability to drop it like its hot has turned into the hope that certain body parts don’t drop any further than they already have…tee hee… sorry mom…#inapropro (which is slang for inappropriate, and thank heavens I am still young enough to know that)!

Yes today is my birthday and as much as I cannot say that it makes me happy to be getting older on the outside…I am grateful to be getting older on the inside because with getting older on the inside comes getting wiser too…well, hopefully! At least I would like to think with each passing year I get a little bit wiser about things. I definitely have learned TONS about what things not to do, and I have learned tons about the right things to do…admittedly most of my life lessons I have learned the hard way, but hey…at least I am learning and that’s what matters most 🙂

I have been thinking a lot about the wisdom I have gained in my last 44 years (yikes…44!…that sounds soooo old!). I have been asking myself today what words of wisdom I would want to pass on to my kids on my 44th birthday, and here is what came to mind:

*Always remember that happiness is a choice, so always choose to live happy….life’s better that way.

*Don’t ever base your self-worth on what other people think. You can’t control their thoughts. Base your self-worth on what you know your Heavenly Father thinks of you. Live each day in a way that would make him proud.

*Never do anything that you will be ashamed of having your parents find out about or your children (or future children) find out about.

*Always do the right thing, no matter what the consequence will be. Doing the right thing will always be worth it in the end. Always.

*When you make a mistake – Own it, apologize for it, fix it the best you can, and then don’t make that mistake ever again.

*Treat everyone with kindness and respect, even if they don’t appear to deserve it. Treating others with respect is a factor of who you are, not who they are.

*Love and serve others. Your legacy in life won’t be the money you’ve earned or the power or position you held, it will be the people you loved and served and the lives you helped make better.

*Never forget that when this life is over and you stand before God to be judged you will stand before Him alone. You won’t be able to point to others and place blame for the choices you made. You and you alone will be accountable for your choices and for your actions, so live in such a way that you own those and can feel good about yourself when you are standing there with Him.

Well, that about sums it up on the 44 years of wisdom I hope to pass on to my children, and someday grandchildren, and great grand-children, and so on.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes people have sent me today. It made me feel very loved so thank you!



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