Some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the hydrant.

Today felt more like a hydrant day then a dog day!  Building our dream home is quickly starting to feel like more of a nightmare lately.  I won’t bore everyone with the details of all the problems that have happened over this last week other than to say that there comes a point that all you want is someone to step up and make things right – someone you can trust to ensure that it is all going to go okay.  Right about now I could really use that person because I am at the end of my stress rope on this project and it takes a whole lot to get me to that point.  So yeah, today feels more like being the hydrant then the dog.

Bad days.  We all have them.  And whether it’s due to a new home project gone wrong, or a loss in our lives, or a bad day at work, or not having the job we want, or a disagreement with a friend, or whatever it is – there is no questioning that bad days are JUST NO FUN.

But when they do happen I have to refer back to my thoughts in yesterday’s blog.  I have to remind myself that it could always be worse, and I have to remember all the good things I have to be grateful for because there are definitely a ton of those, and then if it is really bad I have to bust out the chocolate or the ice cream!  Don’t judge me…the women out there reading this understand me perfectly, and if the men ever tried it then they would be converted as well. Let’s face it, every now and then there is just no choice but to bust out the chocolate or the gallon of ice cream and go to town, and once in a while, on days like today, I have to bust out BOTH of them!  Sure I will regret it horribly tomorrow, but for tonight it is going to make everything feel just a little bit better :).

The only other thing that helps on a horrible, awful, terrible, really bad day, is to get a sweet letter from your 20 year old son who is away from home for two years (out serving a mission), telling you that he loves you and misses you – ya, that pretty much melts away a lot of horribleness from life to get a letter like that.  That and another section of his letter literally made me laugh out loud …it was so him…rather than trying to tell it myself I will insert a direct quote from his letter:

“I think that the new bedroom plans for the house sound freakin sick!!! As long as there’s a place for my star wars Legos somewhere…Also… I totally bought another Star Wars Lego set. It was the Escape pod though, which was vital if I was going to act out the 4th movie scenes. I still need the star destroyer and the rebel escape ship, but they haven’t come out with those for a while. If you find the fight scene with palpatine, I totally need that for the 3rd movie. I’m scared for when the 7th, 8th, and 9th come out… cause I still don’t have the full collection for the first six!! AHHHH!!! But I definitely need the Jabbas basement set cause that will add on to the one you bought me for Christmas 😀 Literally! They attach!! HOW COOL!!! I’m hopeless… let’s face it. I’m a kid 😛  My poor wife. Whoever she is… she’s gonna be more like my baby sitter 😉  Hahahaha!!! But if she’s hot then I guess I don’t care too bad. Hot baby sitter 😉  MMMM.”

Oh, how I love that kid.  And I love that he is still a kid at heart and yet a grown man all at the same time.

Well I am off to eat a gallon of ice cream and several chocolate bars….okay fine, that would be excessive…but I at least deserve a scoop of ice cream and a hershey’s kiss…and here’s praying for tomorrow to be a better day!








  • sorecarul says:

    Hi Amy,
    sorry to hear about your troubles.
    two more for you:
    Some days you are the pidgeon, other days you are the statue.
    Every dog has its day

  • steve says:

    You should feel like a queen every day. If your builder isn’t the “fix it” man find a new one. It’s your dream you are paying for not their lifestyle or excuses.

    Be the dog!


  • Maisie says:

    Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts
    and I am waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

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