The Courage To Forgo Options, Close Doors, And Commit To A Particular Thing

Although it’s great to have options in life, studies have shown that the more options we have available to us the less satisfied we are with any option.  I actually wrote a Forbes article on this subject a few years ago when I had an experience that highlighted this for me.

With all the options that exist in today’s world it has become a struggle for people to commit to any one thing because we are all so afraid that in choosing one we must forgo another and the dread of not choosing the very best option leads to people’s avoidance to commit to anything at all.

I absolutely love this short three minute clip of a speech in which Pete Davis shares What Netflix Has Taught Him About Life  – it perfectly illustrates the problem that has been created by too many choices:

My favorite part of this video are these words he shares:  “The most radical act we can take is to make a commitment to a particular thing – to a place, to a profession to a cause, to a community, to a person.  To show our love for something by working at it for a long time and to close doors and forgo options for it’s sake. We need not be afraid for we have in our possession the antidote to our dread – our time – free to be dedicated to the slow but necessary work of turning visions into projects, values into practices, and strangers into neighbors.”

I LOVE THAT! SO MUCH!!!  Have an amazing day – and don’t be afraid to commit to that particular thing – PICK!

~Amy Rees Anderson


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  • Norm Wright says:

    I missed this one two days ago but it has been on my mind with regards to our activities in the Woodbury School of Business at UVU. Yesterday, I had to share with a faculty the difficult news that we will be discontinuing or support of something on which he has worked hard for many years but that does not fit our mission and ambitions. It was hard because I value him and his efforts. It was possible because we need to focus our energy if we are to fulfill our mission through a singular focus on student success.

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