Before You Assume…

“Before you “assume”, try this crazy method called asking.”

Wow….that is a powerful quote.  When I first read it, it really hit me.  It is so true!  So often in life we just assume we know…we assume we know what someone thinks, we assume they did something just because someone else said they did, we assume someone doesn’t care about us, we assume someone is wrong, and the list of assumptions goes on and on….

So why don’t we just ASK more?  Why don’t we just stop ourselves from passing judgment until AFTER we have simply asked the person to tell us themselves?  I have wondered about that a lot.  I think some of the reasons we don’t just ask might be PRIDE, or EMBARASSMENT, or SHAME, or FEAR, or OUR OWN NEGATIVE ATTITUDE.  At least when I think about the times I didn’t just ask someone directly those are probably the reasons that might have stopped me in the past…sad, but probably true.  I can’t think of a positive reason why I would ask someone, only stupid selfish reasons and none of them are reasons I would feel proud to have.  So what does that say?  It says we should ALWAYS ASK BEFORE WE ASSUME.

If all of us would do that, ask before assume, can you imagine how many less hurt feelings there would be in this world? How many misunderstandings would disappear?  How many more friendships would last?  How many new friendships might form? How many marriages would survive and be stronger?  How many relationships would be happier? How many families would be closer?  How many workplace politics could go away?  No question the world would be a much happier place.

So that is today’s challenge for all of us – Before we assume, try the crazy method called asking….and see how much happier your life becomes as a result.

Have an incredible day!


  • tm says:

    A tutor at a seminar once said,”Don’t assume bcs if you do, you will make an ‘ass-(of)-u -(and)-me” 🙂 Accidentally found your blog – love it! Thank you!

  • Vishnu Gokuldas says:

    Amy, such a wonderful post!!!
    Today I said this to my colleague accidentally, but never thought I can find the same words when I google it. Now I’am so surprised. Tomorrow I’am gonna place these words on our office ‘poster board’. Todays world really need to understand the meaning of this statement.

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