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If I Had My Life To Live Over Again

Yesterday I blogged about a talk Steve Jobs gave in which he discussed keeping perspective on life and death in the context of making decisions and not letting fear hold you back. After I’d finished that blog I couldn’t help but think a bit more about that subject of life and death, but my thoughts started looking at it from a little bit different angle.

I started wondering about what might Steve Jobs thoughts be today, now that he has passed on from this life? I wonder if he were asked to finish this statement, “If I had my life to live over again….” what he might say?

What do we think we might say if we were the ones who had passed on to the other side and we were able to look back at the life we’ve lived thus far?  How would we finish the sentence, “If I had my life to live over again, I would……”

As I thought about that there were some immediate thoughts that came to my mind about what I’d say – “I would have stressed out a lot less, expressed gratitude a lot more, listened more intently, not worried so much about how I looked, been more open to adventures and trying new things, been quicker to say “I’m sorry”, never held back a compliment deserved, been willing to say “I love you” even when I was feeling angry or upset…. there were several more things that came to my mind as I considered how I would finish that sentence expressing what I would do differently if I had my life to live over again. Going through that exercise of finishing that sentence really helped me to see things I can work on doing differently with the life I fortunately get to still live.

Don’t wait until your life has ended to figure out what you would have done differently if you had your life to live over again. Make yourself finish that sentence about yourself today so you can realize what you want to change and do different while you still actually can.

~Amy Rees Anderson

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