What more can we ask for than that?

I received an email from a gentleman I have never met before, but he reads my blogs and was letting me know he appreciated some particular thoughts I had shared.  As we were emailing back and forth we were discussing our shared view on the fact that we don’t believe there are coincidences in life. We both believe that everything happens for a reason.  He went on to share a personal story with me that was so touching I asked his permission to share it with all of you and he said it would be okay. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Here is the story he shared:

“One story in particular I feel I should share with you.  I was working as a lineman in my mid 20’s, it was bitterly cold and snowing.  Me and one of my crew had put in a long day 14 hours in the cold and we were tired.  I was driving us back from the work site and I took a wrong turn.   Mark was relentless, he was much older than me throwing curse words and insults left and right.

I was looking for a way to get back on the interstate and noticed a car way off the side of the road, it was white and very hard to see, snow had already covered the cars tire tracks.   I pulled over and we walked over to make sure nobody was in the car.  Inside there was a daughter that was driving her elderly father home from the hospital.  He still had tubes in his arms and she was crying from the whole event and the fact that nobody was stopping to help.

There was no way to get a truck back to this car to pull it out so me and my co-worker told her we were going to have to push it out, we told her to gas the car when we started pushing.  We got behind the car and we put everything we had into pushing this car out of the ditch, she gassed the car and snow and mud were flying everywhere.  Mark and I were getting pelted by the tire driven snow and mud, slowly it started to give and then all at once they were on their way.   All we saw as she started to drive away was her hand waving out of the window. 

We both stood there and looked at each other,  Mark looked at me and said, there is no way that happened by accident.   I drove the rest the way back to the shop thanking God for letting us save two of his children.  

I have always loved and felt the presence of God working in my life.  In good times and bad, God has always been with me and that is what I relate with in your experiences.  

Have I had a perfect life, absolutely not.  I have lived a powerful life though in Christ.  I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 23 years and have a son that is becoming a better man than me.  What more can I ask for than that?”

I am so thankful for the man who sent me that story. It touched my heart and reminded me of just how much God watches out for each of us. Life is good…

Have an amazing day everyone!


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