You Set The Tone

I was talking with someone the other day who was sharing how much fun they had at a Halloween party our family threw in our driveway. I was thanking them for coming to the party and I agreed with them that it was a really fun time. They then made a comment that really stuck with me – they said “It was fun because your family set the tone.” I couldn’t stop thinking about that comment because here I was thinking how our guests all made it super fun, but this person who attended the entire evening felt that the guests had fun because our family was having fun. It made me stop and realize that all it takes for everyone to have an amazing time is for one or two people to step up and decide to set the tone for everyone else.

We’ve all been in situations where no one is setting the tone at an event so everyone is standing around feeling awkward and uncomfortable. Until that one person will get out there and start being fun without caring about whether people are judging them or making snide comments about them – that one person who is willing to put themselves out there ends up making the night amazing for everyone else – all because they were willing to step up and set the tone.

I have always loved and appreciated those people who would set the tone. As a CEO I tried to hire those kind of people whenever I could. I found that those people who were willing to set their fears aside and make it comfortable and fun for everyone else were the very best employees to hire. They are also the best friends to have and they are the people that everyone wants to have around in their lives. My daughter Ashley is the perfect example of that. She is the first girl people think of inviting when they are throwing an event because they know she will lead the pack by setting the tone and allowing everyone else to stop feeling awkward and start having fun.

Be that first person to get out on the dance floor when the music starts playing. Be the first person to put on a costume for Halloween. Be the first person to volunteer to go on stage and do something silly. Be the first person to take that Karaoke mic and belt out a song. Be the first person to put themselves out there. Be willing to be silly and not worry about what other people think of your silliness. Be the first person who gives everyone else permission to laugh and have a good time too.  Remember that YOU SET THE TONE!  So make it HAPPY and FUN for EVERYONE! If you do you will be the first person invited to every party and every event forevermore because everyone appreciates that person who sets the tone for all.



  • Jane says:

    I just started following your blog. I could comment on all your posts. They are so real and I love reading them.

    Yes, we do set the tone. I’m not the life of the party, but I live with an attitude of gratitude. I’m a good listener. I believe we have to go find the joy in life because it’s not going to come find us. God first and everything else falls into place.

  • Maxwell says:

    I love this post! You’re hitting on something so important here. We set the tone, first internally, then externally. I will try to remember this post always.

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