Your future can be better than you’ve ever imagined. Welcome to the year of – you fill in the blank

We just turned the corner and started a New Year. 2017. This will be the year of ______________. What is the blank?  Well that’s something each of us has to fill in for ourselves. It’s a personal choice. What do we want the year of 2017 to be?  Do you want this to be the year of accomplishment, the year of change, the year of love, the year of self-improvement, the year of excitement, the year of overcoming obstacles, the year of accomplishment, or the year of AWESOME!?  You pick. It’s your year and it’s your decision…but pick one now because ready or not this year has started!

As you decide what you want your personal theme for this year to be, don’t let anything that has happened in the past hold you back from thinking big for this New Year ahead.

“Just because the past didn’t turn out like you wanted it to, doesn’t mean your future can’t be better than you’ve ever imagined.”

Nothing that happened yesterday has any impact on what this New Year can be – yesterday is over and behind you. It’s done. But today…well today is brand new and so is all of 2017…so don’t sit back and wait for 2017 to define what it will be on its own – you choose what it will be. You set the course. Decide today before you go to bed what the theme of your year is going to be and then write it on a paper and tape it to your mirror. Then write it on another piece of paper and tape it to your car dashboard. Tape it everywhere you need to see it to remind yourself of what this year is going to be for you.

This is SO EXCITING, isn’t it!?! It’s a brand new year! It’s a totally blank canvas waiting to be painted on. It’s a clean sheet of paper waiting to be written on. It’s an empty picture frame just waiting to be filled with pictures of amazing memories. So pick up that paint brush, or go grab that pen, and get started! And don’t forget to include plenty of sparkle and bling 🙂  ….after all, everything in life better when you add a little sparkle and bling to it 😉

Welcome to 2017, the year of ______________________ (now go fill in your blank!)

~Amy Rees Anderson

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