Change Can Be Exciting! Get beyond your F.O.C.

Change is typically something we normally tend to avoid. We get comfortable with the status quo and we start to fear that change will take us somewhere worse as opposed to somewhere better. But the reality is that change can be exciting! Why? Because making a change means you WILL end up somewhere different than where you are right now, and somewhere different opens up the possibility of getting somewhere better than where you are right now!

Now I know many of your first thoughts in reactions to my last sentence will be “Yeah, but I could also end up somewhere way worse!”  It is that very thought that creates what I call F.O.C. (a dirty word in my book). Fear Of Change. That one little thought that you allow into your head is literally responsible for all of your F.O.C. That one thought that has the power to stop you in your tracks and prevent you from ever exploring anything new…that one thought can prevent you from ever learning out “what could be” in your life… that one thought literally has the power to stop our progress…and that one thought, if we allow it in our heads, will end up being the reason our lives never become all that they are meant to become.

For us to become everything we can be we have to continuously be willing to face change. Change is what helps us grow beyond where we are currently into new territories where we can learn new lessons and go through new experiences to become better.

To overcome F.O.C., when we are considering making a change we cannot allow ourselves to have that thought that the change might take us somewhere worse, and instead we have to force ourselves to only think “This change is absolutely going to take me somewhere SO MUCH BETTER!”. By only allowing that one thought just imagine how different you will handle changes. You will have no F.O.C. Instead you will be EXCITED about change because change will mean hope and a belief in better things to come.

We have two choices in life. We can stay where we are and only get exactly what we have…or we can embrace change and move forward in order to allow something so much better. Remember your life is going to be far more grand than you realize if you let it…all it takes is a controlling the thoughts you allow in your head.

Have a great weekend everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Ronald says:

    You are right Amy, change is everything without change we will never be able to face reality. Always change for the better and not the worst. Love conqueres fear and anything else in this world.

  • Jane says:

    Perfectly said. The truth is we don’t know if continuing will lead to better and we will never know if change will lead to better if we don’t try. Change is neither good nor bad. It’s just different.

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