Curiosity, Courage, and Courtesy

Today I was fortunate enough to be invited by President Holland to attend a lunch and sit at the table with Sir Christopher John Greenwood, a Judge for the International Court of Justice and his lovely wife Susan at UVU’s Constitutional Conference for Constitutional Studies. Both of them went up from our table to speak at the lunch event and gave fantastic talks. But if I am totally honest about it I would have to say that Susan was the star of the lunch. She gave an amazing talk and she was so authentic and genuine with her words that it clearly touched everyone in the room.

One of the messages she shared in her talk was how much of her life was spent traveling with her husband, and in all of her travels she taught her children that the three most important traveling companions to take with you wherever you go in life are these:  Curiosity, Courage, and Courtesy.  What a great message!  I love it. It made me want to rush home and teach that to my own children. Because it is so true. Not only in our travels, but in our daily lives. If we can live each day with a sense of curiosity that motivates us to learn and explore and listen…and if we can have the courage to do scary things and new things and not be afraid to fail but rather to try every single day….and if we can treat every person we come in contact with with courtesy and kindness and respect, always being willing to be patient and friendly…..if we could have those three things in our minds each day of our lives I think we would find that everything in our lives would go so much better…

I am grateful to Susan for having the courage to face her fear of public speaking and share those three words with all of us listening. She impacted our lives for the better because she was willing to overcome her fears.  That in and of itself was a great example.

Go live today with Curiosity Courage and Courtesy:)


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