I am Woman, I am Invincible, I am TIRED…

Some days you just need a good nap!!! As amazing as this holiday time of year can be, it is without a doubt exhausting too! There are parties to attend several nights a week, presents to buy, decorating to do, cards to write, wrapping to be done, goodies to bake…there is a never ending list of holiday related things to get done this month and if you’re not careful it can wear you out!

Today was one of those days. I tried to pack a million meetings in my day and was literally saying goodbye to one meeting as the next meeting was walking in the door and it went on like that all day. By the end of the day my brain was mush and I couldn’t remember what I talked to one group from the next about. My notes were scattered all over my desk in piles and I had no idea what they meant anymore since they were shorthand from the conversations I had that no longer seemed relevant to me.

Then I came home around 6:30pm from work only to remember I had set yet another meeting into my day at my house to work on a Christmas project I am doing. Ay-yay-yay! What was I thinking! Well, it’s now 10pm and I just finished that meeting and am sitting down to write my blog.

I realized by the end of the day that there is such a thing as trying to be too productive to the point that you just can’t let it all soak in anymore and it becomes an ineffective use of your time. I guarantee I will forget half of what I learned today in my meetings and half of what we talked about because it feels like it is all a jumbled mess in my head tonight. And at this point my brain is completely fried and I have very little of substance to share tonight other than this – Don’t try to do so much in a day that the day becomes completely un-enjoyable! It’s good to be productive and to get a lot handled, but it’s bad to do so much that you really don’t get to soak it all in. Lesson learned…scale back the number of meetings you try to pack into the day. Leave yourself time in between your meetings to take little breaks so you can clear your head before you head into your next meeting. And when you have appointments late into the night try to pack your day a little bit lighter and vice-versa. Leave yourself time to at least answer a few emails and answer a few calls. Otherwise you get to the end of the day feeling completely overwhelmed. Trust me…that’s where I am ending my day today and I have decided I don’t want to let that happen again tomorrow, or the next day, or the next. So I am going to be smarter about blocking out my time so I can still be productive, but still enjoy the day and the people I am interacting with and still have a little bit of sunshine to bring home in my heart at night. No one’s family deserves to get just a burned out person at the end of the day…we owe it to them to save a little energy and happiness to bring home to them. That’s my goal for tomorrow because heaven knows I blew that today…now it’s off to hit my pillow and put today behind me with the hopes of a better day tomorrow 🙂

Have a great day everyone!






  • Sandy says:

    Merry Christmas Amy! Enjoy the holidays~

  • Delcia Crosby says:

    I know how that feels! Today I played my viola for nearly five hours collectively (all at school), and before I was even halfway through my fingers just wouldn’t go where I needed them to and I could barely keep my eyes open. Even the things you love can be less enjoyable when you do them too much. Good post.

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