Laughter is always the very best medicine

Years ago when my daughter Ashley was in high school she tore her ACL playing basketball and had to have surgery. We rented a hospital bed for her recovery so she could be out in the family room where everyone hung out and watched TV together. One day my husband and I came in the room to find her laughing hysterically at an episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants. It was so funny to see her laughing alone in the room that I snuck my cell phone out and started recording her. Here is the video I shot – it has become one of my favorite videos of all time!:

There is something so contagious about a good laugh! As you see in the video I couldn’t help but start laughing to and then my husband finally couldn’t help but join in too.

A good laugh is so awesome. It lifts everyone up and makes everyone feel good. It truly is the best medicine for all of life’s ailments.

Today go find something that makes you laugh! Then laugh out loud and don’t hold back!! And before you know it people around you will join in too…

Have a laughter filled day!

~Amy Rees Anderson


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