Amy Rees Anderson


What Will Matter

Sometimes you read something that says what you are thinking more perfectly than you could say it yourself  – that’s how I felt when I read this poem by Michael Josephson, whom I had never heard of until someone showed me this poem , but I  like the message of his poem so much I’m

What Will Matter?

Given the recent passing of a loved one my thoughts have been turned toward each of our own lives and what will matter to each of us as we face our time to pass from this life. I’ve thought about what we take with us, what we leave behind, and what will truly matter. I came

It Happens By Choice

Tonight I read something that really touched me and I had to share it because when something inspires me like this did I want to share with everyone I know so they can be inspired too!  I hope you love it as much as I did and I hope it inspires you too – Have


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