The Magical Cure for a Case of Brain Fry

You’ve all heard of Brain Freeze I’m sure, when you drink something really cold too fast and you literally feel like your front section of your brain and the bridge of nose is instantly freezing and you are absolutely certain you about to face death at any moment….Well today I want to talk about a different phenomenon…something I like to call Brain Fry.

Brain Fry has a few similarities to Brain Freeze in that it happens when you take in way too much information incredibly fast over an extended number of hours in the day and you literally feel like your brain is going to burst into tiny piece if even one more intelligent thought is allowed to enter its premises, leading to certain and painful death. When this occurs you truly believe it would be absolutely impossible to process even one more intelligent piece of information without having your head literally explode!

Yeah…today was one of those days. Given that the snow was coming down like crazy all day today I figured it was best to try and stay indoors as much as possible and get a bunch of things done at my desk. I was trying to multi-task on too many things at once and the amount of data flowing through my head all day was just ridiculous. So by the time I drove home from work I felt like the only thing left in me was “huh?” I was experiencing Brain Fry.

Days when this happens I find that the only magical cure to help you recover from Brain Fry is to avoid all intelligent data and thoughts for the rest of the evening! So whether you sit and watch completely lame reality television shows that have absolutely no redeeming value, or you watch ridiculous you tube videos of cats being grumpy or babies laughing, or download a fun facts app and read useless facts out loud to your friends, you just need to do something completely and utterly mindless…

So given that the new season of the Bachelorette hasn’t started yet I will resort to reading useless fun facts to my friends…all of you!  (aren’t you lucky!)


* If you lick someone’s elbow while they aren’t paying attention they won’t feel it.

* You can prevent yourself from crying while chopping onions by chewing gum. You can prevent yourself from crying in any other situation by not being such a little baby.

* If you search “askew” in Google search the page will tilt slightly clockwise

* If you eat a polar bear you will die. (humans can’t handle that much Vitamin A)

* You can’t hum while holding your nose closed

* You swallow 5 insects while you are sleeping every year

* You can’t breathe through your nose with your tongue out

* I guarantee 90% of you just tried breathing through your nose with your tongue out.

* PS. I was just kidding about it being impossible to breathe through your nose with your tongue out, but it makes you look like a dog when you try…tee hee…hee…hee…

So there you have it….a few useless fun facts to help you the next time you experience Brain Fry 🙂   Although I’m not feeling 100% cured yet so I’m off to watch some mindless television followed by laughing babies and grumpy cats…

Have a great day everyone!



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