The Refiner’s Fire

A young lady was taking a religion class in college and during the class they discussed life’s trials we are faced with and they talked about overcoming life’s trials. The teacher would often refer to the fact that when we are faced with trials it is akin to a refiner’s fire.  The young lady wanted to learn more about what that meant so she decided to go and visit an actual Silversmith to take a tour of the facility and to watch and see how they actually refine the silver. First, the silversmith held each individual piece of silver over the fire and let it heat up. He explained that he had to hold it over the middle of the flame where the flames were the hottest in order to burn away all the impurities. He also explained that he had to be extremely careful not to leave the silver over the heat even a second longer than necessary or it would damage it. So he carefully watched and then when they were ready, he took them out. The young lady asked, “When do you know when it’s ready to be taken out?” The silversmith replied, “When I can see my reflection in it.”

I love this story because it reminds us that we are held in God’s hand and he will only let us stay over the fire for as long as he knows we are capable of handling it and then He is there to pull us out before we are damaged. It also reminds us that He knows the exact amount of heat (or trials) that will help us to improve and refine our lives. He also exactly when we are to the point that we are refined enough to see our reflection of our best selves and that is when He will quickly pull us out.

I imagine that all of you, like me, would prefer not to go through the trials of life. They aren’t fun, they are difficult and often painful. But the reality is that when we get to be elderly and we look back at our lives we will find that it was those trying moments that helped us become our very best selves. So as much as they absolutely suck to go through, when they come, hang in there and trust that the Master’s hand is there to guide you.

Have a great day everyone.



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