The Town Of Don’t You Worry

Okay, the last two days I have posted awesome poems that I found about Put-Off Town and Gossipville, only for me to then find the poem, The Town Of Don’t You Worry. I figured your week wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t share all three poems of these poems with you! Especially because once we’ve avoided Put-Off Town and Gossipville we definitely need to make our way to The Town Of Don’t You Worry!

The Town Of Don’t You Worry

There’s a town called Don’t you worry
On the banks of River Smile,
Where the Cheer-up and Be-happy
Blossom sweetly all the while;

Where the Never-grumble flower
Blooms beside the fragrant Try,
And the Ne’er-give-up and Patience
Point their faces towards the sky.

Rustic benches quite enticing
You’ll find scattered here and there;
And to each a vine is clinging
Called the Frequent-earnest prayer.

Everybody there is happy
And is singing all the while,
In the town of Don’t you worry
On the banks of River Smile.


Can you see why I had to share all three poems when I came across each one?  They all three ended up being the perfect pick-me-up’s I need this week.  Sometimes we just need the simple messages to help us get our heads back in the right place, ya know?!

Now don’t you worry cause I promise that is this series of poems I’ll share in my blogs this week. Tomorrow I will share a more personal message again, but for today I want to sing and be happy and smile because I want to take a few minutes to bask in The Town Of Don’t You Worry…and frankly I’m hoping I can stay there for a while!  All of you should join me there – there is plenty of room for us all!

Have a worry-free, happy day!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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  • Faith Bovenizer says:

    This is a copyrighted poem. Please see

    See Copyright 1926 by H. L. Bovenizer of Oakland, California (H. Lucille Bovenizer, wife of Herbert Earl Bovenizer)

    (Though I happen to have the same name, just pulled the file out due to Spring and the year!) So fyi copyright is part of life so fyi!)

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