Why This Weekend Is One Of My Favorite Weekends Of The Year!

Twice a year, every year, over the course of a weekend, there is a conference held in which around 35 amazingly inspiring speakers give talks on everything from integrity, to attitude, to finding balance, enduring trials, education, forgiving, service, gratitude, family, hope, happiness, and a myriad of other important and inspiring topics.  I get so excited to watch because this semi-annual conference because I use it as a weekend to refocus and rejuvenate my soul every six months. It keeps me balanced in my life and it helps me put things into proper perspective. Watching this conference is a tradition for me and my family and we all get so excited about hearing the talks and then bettering ourselves. We each take our own notes as we listen to each talk, writing down the points and quotes that really stand out to each of us personally. It’s amazing to hear how we each pull different elements of inspiration from the talks based on what each of us has going on in our individual lives at the time we watch. We share some of our favorite points with each other at the end of the conference and each of us use the lessons we learn to help us better ourselves moving forward.

Interesting enough, this tradition of watching the conference is one that not only my family has adopted, but it’s a tradition that is shared with families all over the world. In fact, the conference is getting watched by people in 221 countries and territories around the world and broadcast is translated live into 80 different languages! Amazing! And after each conference ends they later publish each of the talks in a total of 94 different languages. Clearly, many others feel as inspired by the conference talks as we are. And the incredible music performed during the conference by the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir is icing on the cake!  Talk about getting goosebumps!!

If any of you want a fantastic weekend of inspiration you can watch the conference sessions with me live via streaming video online at www.lds.org from that homepage or on https://www.mormonchannel.org/.

Have a glorious, inspiring weekend everyone!

~Amy Rees Anderson

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