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When faced with an intimidating situation, ask yourself, What Would Wonder Woman Do?  Or WWWWD for short 🙂

Tonight I hosted the Utah Wonder Women event at my home.  It is a group of high powered business women throughout the State that gather together to network and discuss business.  The group was put together by some fabulous women along with Method Communications, the best PR firm ever (love those guys and if you ever need amazing PR you should definitely call them!).  It was an amazing group of ladies and the discussion was fabulous.  The fun part for me in hosting was being able to bust out my fantastic collection of Wonder Woman memorabilia that I have collected for years and years.  You see I have a special attachment to Wonder Woman because when I was a young woman, just starting my first business, there were many times I felt so inadequate and intimidated at the thought of running my own company.  Then I came across a quote that said we can see ourselves in two ways, the way we are today, and the way we want to be. Then we can pretend we are already the way we want to be.  So whenever I felt inadequate or scared, I would change into Wonder Woman in my head and pretend that I was her for a few minutes while I got through the intimidating situations.  Then after I finished I would go back to being me again.  But as time went on I found myself being her more and more until the time came that I had the confidence to stand on my own.  So, you see, Wonder Woman helped me become the successful business person that I eventually did, so she holds a special place in my heart forever.

All of us have situations that may intimidate us. Especially when we are young adults, but I think it extends years beyond that for some things as well.  Whenever those situations arise you women can ask yourself, “WWWWD?”  Then become her for a few moments and conquer the thing that scared you.  It won’t take too many times before you come to realize that you are, in fact, truly Wonder Woman yourself. 🙂

Have a fantastic day everyone!  And enjoy flying around in your invisible jet with your magic lasso!  I know I will!


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  • Jan Kirkham says:

    Thanks Amy , today I have to drive through the big terrible round about in Accra and I need to be Wonder Woman. We are having a ball. Love your comments.
    Love Jan

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