Think BIG!

From the time I was young I have had an inability to think small. I don’t really know why I am like that, I just always have been. In college when friends wanted me to sell $10.00 lipsticks I immediately thought, “Why sell just $10 of something when for the same effort I could sell something worth $10,000?” When someone suggests I invite a few people over for a get together it always inevitably turns into a major event with a hundred plus people invited. I still remember throwing my first little Halloween get together when I was in college – before I knew it I had setup a major get together and several hundred tickets were sold for people to attend. While I always tell myself I am going to keep things small and simple something in my DNA ends up doing something BIG!

I suppose that trait is what drove me toward entrepreneurship. My mind just doesn’t know how to settle for doing things that are easy to do – my mind naturally jumps to doing something amazing, glorious, awe inspiring, and BIG!  So I end up setting BIG goals, cause that’s the only way I know to get BIG results.

So here’s the thing. It all goes back to the $10.00 lipstick theory. We can spend thirty minutes helping someone see all the benefits a lipstick has, or we can spend the same thirty minutes helping someone see all the benefits that can come from a massive product or service or charitable act. So why the heck would you not take your thirty minutes and spend it on something that will create the maximum impact?!

It takes the same amount of brain power and time to think small, as it does to think BIG, so why not just THINK BIG!!!  Plus it makes for way better parties 🙂

~Amy Rees Anderson


  • Georgia says:

    Thanks very much for this morning word Amy because I am so into accounts and after completing my degree I was made redundant from the bank after 10years. Since May 2015 I have been hopping from contract to contract job to job cant settle cant get to gain employment in accounts and doing something I love. But through it all I pray, have plenty faith that my dream job with come and because of this morning word I will keep thinking big.

    Thanks AMY!!!!

  • Ezekiel Zekiya Mudimu says:

    Thank you Amy, this is very inspiring and life changing. I am really motivated. I dont know how l can have a platform to share with you my project because l know you can help me achieve them with just your advice

  • Jane Anderson says:

    I love this – and I totally get what you mean. I was not born with a think BIG brain. I have huge admiration for people like you who were. You’re AweMazing – and that what yo do best. You think BIG and you inspire BIG.

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