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“Don`t Count The Days…Make the Days Count”

All of us have worries and concerns in life. Things we are scared of. Things we are dreading. Worries about what “might” happen or what “might not” happen. It seems that there is a truly endless supply of things to spend our time being worried about. Yet, at the end of the day does the worrying do anything positive for us, at all?? The answer is a resounding NO!

We have to stop worrying about the “what ifs” and the “what if not’s” in our life.  For example, I worry that my little girl is growing up and going to leave home in a year…but I can choose to spend every day worrying about the fact that I only have one more year of her here at home with me, or I can instead choose to spend every day making our time together count.  I could go on and on about all the things I can find to worry about every day and I am sure you could too – we all know in our heads the things we are stressing over – but stressing and worrying about them isn’t doing a dang thing for us other than making us stressed out and worried!

I love the quote in today’s title “Don’t count the days…make the days count.”  It is such a great reminder to stop counting the days until this or that happens, or until this or that gets done, and instead start focusing on making each day count as it is happening.

You have to remember that in life all you can do is your best. Put your heart out there. Lay it all on the line. And once you have done that there is absolutely nothing that worrying about will do for you. You do your best and you let the rest come as it may with your head held high and your hopes for great things to come. Don’t waste one minute of your life wallowing in worries or sadness for things that you cannot change. Focus on the positive. Focus on what you can control and let go of the things that you cannot control. Trust God, or trust the universe…trust whatever higher power you believe in. Life may not go the exact way you think it should, but trust that things are happening for your own best good so long as you are doing your very best in all you do.

That last one is one I need to work on the most – I need to remember that its okay to get on my knees and ask God for help.  I sometimes get caught up in the “I am capable therefore I should be able to cope with this myself,” and in doing so I forget to use the best resource for help that I could ever get – prayer!  I need to be willing to ask for His help a little more in my life and I need to stop thinking I have to do it all myself.  As a parent, I love it when my kids ask me to help them – it makes me feel like I am important t them when they want my help.  So I suppose it would stand to reason that God, who is our father, would feel good when we come to him and ask for help.  So yeah, I am going to work on doing that a little more.  And then I am going to do my best to do my part and then trust the rest to him.

A reminder to everyone, (but mostly a reminder to myself today):  Don’t spend your life worrying and stressing – instead just do your best and trust the rest to God.  And do keep waiting to be happy until this happens or that doesn’t happen….instead, BE HAPPY NOW. Make the time you have count right now, this day.  Be grateful for it. Embrace it. And don’t forget to SMILE!



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