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Warning – This Might Make You Cry!

No doubt that the contents of this post may in fact lead you to cry.  It certainly made me cry!  I was watching the news a few days ago when I heard them announce that Garth Brooks was going to be performing on the show that morning. I was so excited when I heard that

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Since it is a holiday I don’t normally post my blog but I wanted to take just a few minutes to wish everyone a fabulous Fourth of July holiday with their loved ones and friends, and I wanted to personally express my thanks to all of those men and women who serve our country today

You are Smarter Than You Think and More Amazing than You Realize!

Today I had the privilege of speaking down at UVU.  Can I just tell you that I LOVE talking to the students at the colleges.  They are so incredibly amazing and they don’t even know it yet. My goal, when I go and talk with the students, is to help them realize that they are


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